Global Policy

Working in partnership with all world nations funding global initiatives, research and development.

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National Policy

Working with individual governments, treasuries and organisations to help fund infrastructure and reduce poverty.

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Topical Policy

Working with goal specific organisations to help eradicate poverty and upscale conservation.

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Infinite Wealth

Virtual Gold ™ is designed to provide an infinitely scaleable regulated source of new wealth.

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Virtual Economy

Virtual Gold ™ is designed to provide a cloud based economy providing revenue to persistent worlds.

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Aid & Conservation

Virtual Gold ™ is designed to provide a stable revenue stream to increase employment, manage problems & care for resources.

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Welcome To Aerarium Universitas ™

The Principal Treasury Of The Universe

Aerarium Universitas ™ is the first, and only, principal global treasury. Founded in 2014 by the inventor of the worlds first Transit State ™ commodity, Aerarium Universitas aims to create, manage and provide new wealth and funding through Virtual Gold ™ and Transit State Commodities ™ on a universal platform supporting current the current global economy and funding new human off world colonies.

To say that Aerarium Universitas is ambitious as a new organisation is an understatement, global goals include eradicating extreme poverty, significantly reducing or creating a zero unemployment global economy, establishing critical stable funding streams to humanitarian aid and conservation organisations and funding the worlds first publically accessible space station.

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Aerarium Universitas 10 Founding Principles

Delivering New Wealth Through Transit State Commodities ™

Virtual Gold ™ is the name given to GoldBars (GBS), the worlds first Transit State Commodity ™ designed to provide a centralised global system of unit fulfilment borrowing wealth against commodities locked in planets and stars throughout the known universe. It is essential, for the benefit of humanity, conservation, reducing climate change, and global economic stability that a newly available source of abundant wealth can be accessed, increased and redressed with global input and consent. Aerarium Universitas ™ is the organisation responsible for this potential new global source of wealth and investment.

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Become a part of the Virtual Gold ™ Hierarchy.

Virtual Gold ™ is designed to provide funding through third party virtual currencies, as a direct conventional model of wealth to national and international organisations and to provide essential new funding, find out more how it all works.


Virtual Currencies & Virtual Commodities Using Virtual Gold ™

Virtual Gold ™ as a unit of future tangible wealth is available to national governments, national treasuries, global organisations and charities and also is used as investment into new and existing virtual currencies and virtual commodities.

In the event that some virtual currencies do not retain value in the Bitcoin system, Virtual Gold ™ offers the potential of investment into other virtual currencies. Get in touch.


Intellectual Property Notice

Virtual Gold ™, vGold ™, Digital Gold ™ and Space Gold ™ are all pseudonyms of GoldBars (GBS), the world's first transit state virtual commodity using the Bitcoin core technology.

Virtual Ores ™, Crypto Ores ™, Virtual Commodities ™are all pseudonyms of Transit State Commodities ™, virtual units of storage of wealth acting as a centralised conduit to real tangible commodities and assets locked in planets and stars across the known universe.

Virtual Gold ™, Virtual Silver ™, Virtual Platinum ™ Includit Omnes are the rightful property of Aerarium Universitas, the world's first crypto treasury.

GoldBars GBS, launched March 2014, using the Bitcoin Core Technology was developed and designed to act as a unit storage of wealth to mimic as closely as possible the 400 ounce metric Gold Bar used as the economic gold standard until the 21st Century.

Aerarium Universitas, all innovations and inventions, commercial rights, trademarks, intended trademarks, information and whitepapers are the rightful property of the owner/inventor.


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